Optimize Technology with our IT Strategy Consulting Services

Technology can be confusing and complicated, but it doesn't have to be. The experts at Livecode Technologies offer the expertise to make technology integrations as easy as possible. Through our comprehensive IT strategy and consulting services, we'll do the heavy lifting, so you can focus more on growing your business.


Our Strategic ICT Consultation Services

Livecode Technologies is a renowned and dynamic software and Capaity Building company in Kenya. Our expert professional IT consultants and technical teams with nearly 10 years of experiences specialize in the erection and development of software systems such as ERP systems, high-availability server systems for online games, mobile software, and cloud server systems development etc. We provide you with professional one-stop IT consulting and resolution services. Combining in-depth research with reliable solutions to provide you with quality-assured IT solutions in the most efficient way. Our approach is straightforward and unshakeable, we understand the customer’s business strategy, business motivation, and establishing unique selling points to help customers succeed.


1. Complete System Planning

Based on our extensive experience, our developers will do the architectural design at the beginning of the system planning. For example, some startups aim to develop e-commerce, and they need our IT professionals to help their plan and develop e-sales platforms. There are also some traditional industries that explore to use IT technology to improve their business. We help them to plan networks, servers and App in order to let their business smoothly transition to electronic, and in line with business processes.

With the support of our team, the comprehensive planning makes the system more stable and sustainable development and update, which can save the time and cost of future system upgrades and support the development of electronic business in the long run.

  • System Security Analysis
  • Software Development Consultation
  • System Construction Design
  • Server Architecture Design
  • Database Design
  • Office IT system analysis

2. Planning Future System Development Continuity

Some clients have existing systems such as e-commerce systems, business management systems, C2C electronic platforms etc. We offer planning, optimizing and upgrading for you through adding new features.

3.System Vulnerabilities, Security Risk Countermeasures

To identify possible vulnerabilities or security risks of existing systems, for examples, hacking, data leakage etc., we analyze network and system security for you, and provide with data security recommendations to plug vulnerabilities to enhance IT business security.