About Livecode Technologies

Livecode Technologies is a global institutional capacity building, technical and management consultancy firm with its head office in Nairobi, Kenya. Livecode offers technical and management consultancy services as well as education and training services designed for individuals’ and groups from organizations working in public, not for profit and private sectors.

Livecode Technologies has identified itself with a niche market that largely comprises of Government ministries, departments and agencies (MDA’s) and UN agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, from Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle-East and the Caribbean. We have also served academic institutions, international research organizations, financial institutions and private companies from across the globe.

Livecode Technologies is a one-stop solution to your technology needs. Since our inception in 2015, we have been developing highly polished mobile applications, Management systems, Advanced websites and Management databases. We also provide various services attached to our expertise and experience in ICT project management, Digital marketing, ICT consultancy etc .Our technical and management consultancy services are in the areas of Agriculture, Education, Energy, Oil and gas, Health, Environment and natural resources, ICT for development, spatial planning, Governance, Management and leadership, communication, transport, revenue management, marketing development and environment among others.


Our education and training services are aimed helping individuals improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness and enable the institutions to get the best out of their workforce. This is achieved through conducting high impact professional diploma and certificate courses, short courses, conferences, workshops and seminars.

To provide the most effective, efficient and satisfactory ICT solutions to business in Kenya.
To be the most Reliable, Affordable and Efficient ICT Solution provider in Kenya.
Being the leading ICT company, we beleive in establishing long term relationship with each and every client. We focus in understanding the unique needs, their business narture and their ultimate goals before starting the development process. We work as a team to deliver you the best quality of project within the given timeline. Our team of designers, developers and project managers takes your creative ideas and transforms them into result-driven applications.
  • Quality.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Result Orinted and Respect.
  • Exceeding Expectations.
  • Integrity and Honesty.
  • Time Consiousness
Why Choose us?

We engage in empowering individuals, organizations, and societies through addressing capacity gaps in an effort to increase their coping capacity during calamity enhancing their resilience afterward in their efforts to respond to and reconstruct. We provide a depth of collective technical expertise and experiences as well as demonstrated ability to work in a variety of cultural settings.

Meet Some of Our Able Team

Our devoted group gives you arragments that make accomplishing business destinations less demanding and in a much effective manner. We give the most astounding standards of items to our customer base having a place with all verticals. We outsource IT administration to various parts of the country which incorporates Complex software solutions, Web Applications and other IT administrations. Our colleagues are youthful and prepared.We tune in and offer advanced software engineering and other administration services that are carefully fit for their businesses.We have a practical base of customers who believe us for the quality of Softwares and ICT services we offer with continuous quality improvement.

Alex Kinyili

Chief Technology Officer

Ayub Wambulwa

Web Development Team Leader

Susan Maina

Digital Marketer