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 Our devoted group gives you arragments that make accomplishing business destinations less demanding and in a much effective manner. We give the most astounding standards of items to our customer base having a place with all verticals. We outsource IT administration to various parts of the country which incorporates Complex software solutions, Web Applications and other IT administrations. Our colleagues are youthful and prepared.We tune in and offer advanced software engineering and other administration services that are carefully fit for their businesses.We have a practical base of customers who believe us for the quality of Softwares and ICT services we offer with continuous quality improvement.We make your technological investiments count.Contact us today and lets rewrite your success story.

Strategic ICT Consultation

Strategic ICT Consultation

We help our customers in the implementation and the management of their ICT departments truly aligned with new arising models of organizations 

consultIt has been achieving great heights so far as its popularity and technological advancement are concerned. The history of video game is as interesting as a fairy tale. The quality of today’s video

game was not at all there when video game first conceptualized and played ever.

As much as truth of a conclusion depends on the quality of its premises, the quality of your ICT strategy will have a solid and profound impact on your business achievements. Strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over the long term, which achieves advantage for the organization through use of resources within a changing enviroment to meet the needs of of the market and fulfill the expectations of the stakeholders.To achieve that advantage, one must have a roadmap for execution that addresses a specific scope, timeframes and budget.Most organizations struggle with implementation and efficiency , giving strategy formulation minimal attention. We integrate our expertise in strategic change , process improvement and technology to provide solutions to clients as they strive to improve service delivery.Our clients deploy our services to obtain assurance that the resources they spend on IT return optimal value.



We support our clients in designing and implementing a true value-generating business ICT strategy and implementing robust ICT governance practises..consult3

The need to harnest the potential in ICT and derive tangible business value from it has never been greater.Organizations in both the public and the private sector are increasingly aware that, when used right, ICT-driven business change can be an engine of competitive advantage plus customers and citizens satisfaction. We provide the proffessional competance necessary to compliment your own know-how to answer this crucial imperative, efficiently combining business and technology and eliminating the need for you to second guess yourself.Livecode Technologies is to refrain from adhearing to exclusively to one particular technology choice, but rather to maintain the necessary objectivity to make the recommedations that are the most appropriate for you.




Our strategic ICT Consultation services include :-

  1. ICT strategy development and implementation.
  2. Project management and quality assurance.
  3.  Business process mapping and re-engineering
  4.  ICT strategy development and implementation.
  5. Business- ICT Alignment
  6. Business- ICT Impact and gap analysis
  7. Development and execusion of e-business and e-governance strategies and roadmaps.
  8. Evaluation of ICT business cases and benefit realization.
  9. ICT governance audit and maturity assesment.
  10. Business- Alignment of ICT governance with corporate governance and regulatory compliance requirements.




Our Consultants will show you how to streamline your ICT infrastructure, reduce your IT expenses while maxmizing your business potentialBconsult.

We take pride in becoming a valued team member of our clients. We help them navigate over the changing ICT landscape and become trusted advisors in their technology strategy decisions. We have designed our business to flexible; we know no two business problems are the same. With that in mind, we offer a range of services and engagement models to ensure we have a variety of ways to best serve our clients. Whether you need our help in any one specific area or need us to bring all our capabilities to the table, you can be sure we have the experience, expertise and flexibility to best serve you. We work with you in all ICT related issues and a considerable cost to meet your business requirements.Our ICT consulting services are provided by our highly trained ICT staff, Certtified Network administrators who will stramline your ICT issues while reducing your IT overhead.Client satisfaction is our utmost priority.

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