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 Our devoted group gives you arragments that make accomplishing business destinations less demanding and in a much effective manner. We give the most astounding standards of items to our customer base having a place with all verticals. We outsource IT administration to various parts of the country which incorporates Complex software solutions, Web Applications and other IT administrations. Our colleagues are youthful and prepared.We tune in and offer advanced software engineering and other administration services that are carefully fit for their businesses.We have a practical base of customers who believe us for the quality of Softwares and ICT services we offer with continuous quality improvement.We make your technological investiments count.Contact us today and lets rewrite your success story.

Technical Support & Management

Technical Support & Management

Do you need IT consultants and contractors that are reliable, available and have the skills? We are the verified experts who can meet your project requirements.

supportsWith any of our home tech support plans, the number of Computers, Devices, Systems and Problem resolved are unlimited .
As an ICT support and management company, we focus exclusively on quality management and support with emphasis in customer satisfication.As a leading technology support company, we engage businesses in the Retail, Software, Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics and the Internet of things. We provide support onbehalf of some of the leading brands in Kenya and africa , handling thousands of support sessions a day for consumers with complex technology issues. With our scalable workforce of technology specialists and proven leadership in program design and execusion , you can:

      • Boost your customer satisfication scores to industry-leading levels.
      • Increase the value of your core offerings and create new revenue streams.
      • Differenciate and expand your product offerings.
      • Hotline management.
      • Increase the value of your waranty programs.


Popular Support and Management services at Livecode Technologiesupport

  • Customer support solutions.
  • Computer Support solutions.
  • Helpdesk Support.
  • Hotline management
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance.
  • Computer network Support




Our experts deliver high customer satisfication.

Full-time, exceptionally skilled and trained technology specialists are the backbone of our turnkey programs.Staff continous training ensure we continously improve our service delivery for outstanding ICT support and maintenance. We always focus in ensuring that your customers know how to get the most value from your products.The more capabilities your customers can successfully use, the stronger the relationship becomes over time.


We keep your Systems monitored and running-around-the-clock for a flat rate monthly fee.surveying

With us acting as your IT department, you can focus on your business, rather than stress about your tech. We have a disaster recovery plan that ensure that disasters dont cause your systems downtime. In the event that your data is compromised our disaster recovery planning business continuity services get you up and running fast. When your looking for long term contracts or simply want a one-stop-shop for your IT needs, we can help. We offer a 24-hrs emergency response services and guarantee that we are there for you, rain or sunshine. We intuatively understand how small and medium-sized businesses operate here in Livecode Technologies and act as your very own in-house IT team. We always ensure, 1)You never go without IT support-we are always there for you, day and night. 2)We maxmize efficiency-We offer both on-site and remote support.3)You benefit from Proactive IT solutions-We manage problems before they affect your business.


No issue is too big or too small to our tech experts.Just call us now and see your problem become ours.

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